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Premier Consulting Services offers more than just technical expertise or niche product installs. We’re strategic advisors who take a big-picture view of your organization, analyze the challenges you may or may not be aware of, and help you overcome them with a comprehensive design plans that ensure the intended business outcome is achieved.

We offer a range of specialized consulting services in the following areas:

Architectural Design & Review – Optimally designed architectures are the foundation of successful implementations. In order to provide a comprehensive review of your design, Premier advisors follow an established phased approach which includes: an Engagement Kick-off, Technical Discovery, Design Review, & Final Analysis Session. In addition, a formal design review report will be provided at the conclusion of the engagement.

Application Optimization & Tuning – Modernizing an application can boost performance without sacrificing previous investments. Our application optimization services help you identify the pain points in your existing applications, analyze and define future requirements, address operational mismanagement, augment portability, upgrade of UI & UX, and help you build applications that are ready for the future.

IT Assessments – IT organizations are constantly evolving due to ever-changing business initiatives and technological innovations. Many times an IT department simply doesn’t have the time or resources to perform a thorough assessment of its operations to inspect for performance gaps, redundancies, inefficiencies and unintended information silos. At Premier, we offer IT assessment services to help our clients realign their IT activities and resources with the strategic business goals of the organization.

Pilots & Proofs of Concept – A Pilot or Proof of Concept is a critical first step in the development or implementation of a new concept or capability. Not only can they be extremely useful tools to demonstrate if and how vendor solutions fit client requirements and integrate within a complex IT environment; but they can also provide customers with key insights about how to structure a sourcing strategy. At Premier, our team of Advisors can assist in setting up informal vendor-led pilots or formal on-site customer-led pilots.

Solution Implementation – Want to accelerate your time to value and lower the total cost of ownership? Premier implementation services help by providing expert assistance to develop implementation plans, install, configure, and integrate new solutions or applications into you network with little to no production impact.

Value Realization Services – One of the most important questions being asked in boardrooms today is, “Are we receiving the value from our technology investments?” Unfortunately, many IT executives struggle to answer the question as it’s historically been impossible to quantify the actual cost and value delivered for individual applications or business services. At Premier, we have decades of experience in cost analysis of IT systems and can help you quantify the value a business service delivers to an organization; and more importantly how to extract more value from existing IT systems.

How Your Enterprise Will Benefit

Increased Productivity

Eliminate outdated workflow and complex systems to boost your organization's performance.

Reduction in O&M Cost

Staying competitive requires smarter IT investments in applications that can deliver a ROI to the organization.  

Increased Business Performance

Focus Less On Managing The Infrastructure & More On Innovating New Ways To Delivery Incremental Value To The Organization.

Reduction in Downtime

Your IT systems are the heart and soul of your organization. Minimize costly downtime with a reliable data protection strategy.  

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