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Bridging App-Data Gap

VMWare Virtual Volumes on Nimble

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ESG: DR with Zerto

Zerto DR for Healthcare

Zerto's 4.5 Update


90 Second FVP Overview

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Symantec DLP

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Endpoint Encryption

Case Study

Hackney Learning Trust Maximises

Hackney Learning Trust is a department within Hackney Council’s Children & Young People’s Service and is responsible for Hackney’s children’s centres, schools and early years and adult education. Hackney Learning Trust is committed to improving standards for Hackney’s 27,000 children in 75 schools.

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Yahoo Japan Corporation Chooses Nutanix for VDI Environment

Yahoo Japan Corporation is a Japanese Internet company formed as a joint venture between the American company Yahoo! and the Japanese Internet company SoftBank. It is headquartered at Midtown Tower in the Tokyo Midtown complex in Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo.

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The Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic

The Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic (YVFWC) re-architected their electronic health records system in 2014. If Epic were unavailable, the delivery of health services would be near impossible. As YVFWC have experience with data center outages, they knew they needed the best solution for disaster recovery for Epic.

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Nutanix Acropolis

The DA’s office decided to test the Nutanix-based Dell XC Series systems to see if all of the promises held true. “I downloaded the Nutanix Community Edition software, and built one or two systems to become familiar with the interface,” noted Rurik.Hyperconverged Systems Boost Performance for MS SQL, MS Exchange, Virtual Desktops, and Police Body Cam Video Systems

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Dell DL Series Backup and Recovery Appliances

Ulbrich enjoys near real-time replication with Dell DL Backup and Recovery appliances and AppAssure. IT staff no longer waste time babysitting backups, and recovery takes minutes instead of 24 hours. Plus, Ulbrich will rid itself of both tapes and costly off-site storage, saving $9,000 annually.

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Virtustream Accelerates Applications in Cloud

Virtustream is an enterprise-class cloud software and services provider trusted by enterprises and government agencies worldwide. Given the nature of their business, the company is keenly focused on application performance, with well established Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in place for all of their customers.

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Nimble Storage SmartStack

Community Health Plan of Washington Improves Access to Health Care with Nimble Storage SmartStack for Business-Critical Applications Nimble, Cisco UCS, and VMware platform enables cost-effective upgrade of IT infrastructure and reduction of data center footprint.

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Eight Features Today’s Datacenters Need from Storage

Mid-sized and enterprise datacenters have requirements for storage systems that include performance, scalability, storage efficiency, high availability, data protection, and application/virtualization integration.

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Data Sheet

Dell DL Series Backup and Recovery Appliances

Save up to 20 hours a week in administration and increase backup speed by 10 times with a single, scalable and turnkey solution for rapid recovery of the data and applications in your SMB organization. Deploy these appliances — powered by AppAssure — in approximately 20 minutes.

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Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays

The AF3000 and AF5000 are the perfect entry points for all IT organizations that require speed and economy for performance-sensitive workloads.The AF7000 offers high performance and attractive economics for performance-sensitive workloads that need the best blend of price/performance/scalability.

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Nutanix Xpress

Nutanix Xpress is a complete hyperconverged offering that natively integrates server, storage and virtualization in a single, space-saving platform and radically simplifies the infrastructure stack.

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Zerto Virtual Replication 4.5

The ZVR installer was re-written to make the ZVR installation, update and uninstall lifecycle more resilient and even easier to use.ZVR 4.5 builds on the 4.0 platform by continuously improving IT resiliency and the stability and functionality of the features in ZVR.

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Symantec™ Endpoint Protection 12.1.6

Symantec Endpoint Protection leverages the world's largest civilian threat intelligence network to deliver advanced protection at the endpoint. This network consists of telemetry data coming from 175 million endpoints and 57 million attack sensors in 175 countries, providing unique visibility into the latest security threats.

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Dell Data Protection | DR Series backup and deduplication appliances

Dell Data Protection | DR Series of backup and deduplication appliances support all the major backup software applications in use today and can lower your backup storage costs to as little as $.16/GB while reducing your total cost of ownership. 

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Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Arrays

The CS210, CS215, and CS235 provide value and capacity for small to medium-sized IT organizations or remote offices, for mixed mainstream workloads. The CS300 is ideal for midsize IT organizations or distributed sites of larger organizations. It offers the best capacity per $ for mixed mainstream workloads and for virtual server consolidation.

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Flash Hypervisor

Flash Hypervisors solve the first issue with server side Flash by being deployed inside the hypervisor (e.g. ESX/ESXi). I/O access to Flash is done as part of the kernel, not as a separate VM. This means scheduling and contention issues are completely avoided – i.e. if more I/O traffic comes, the ESX/ESXi hypervisor devotes more resources to serving it. 

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PernixData Architect

PernixData Architect™ software is a revolutionary platform for data center design, deployment, operation and optimization. It combines best-in-class user experience with robust real-time analytics to deliver unprecedented visibility and control of virtualized applications and the underlying infrastructure.

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What’s new in Zerto Virtual Replication 4.5?

Zerto Virtual Replication 4.5 builds upon our always- on replication, with no snapshots, replication and orchestration capabilities by adding granular recovery. Now, a single file or folder can now be recovered from the journal, improving the mean time to recovery for files, folders, VMs, applications and sites.

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IT governance, risk and compliance

Meet ever-changing security policies and compliance regulations for today’s — and tomorrow’s — critical systems. Dell governance, risk and compliance solutions help you ensure security and availability.

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Nutanix in 30 Seconds

Nutanix is on a mission to make datacenter infrastructure invisible, elevating IT to focus on applications and services.Nutanix natively converges compute, storage and virtualization into a turnkey hyperconverged solution that can be deployed in 30-60 minutes, and runs any app at any scale.

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PernixData Architect for Microsoft SQL Server

PernixData’s Architect™ software is a data-driven, real-time analytics-based storage design and I/O management platform. Architect learns and displays the relevant I/O characteristics of SQL Server that are critical to design, operate and manage an efficient infrastructure to provide best-in-class performance.

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PernixData FVP™ software

PernixData FVP™ software is a fault tolerant platform for scale-out server-side storage acceleration. By putting storage intelligence into high-speed server media, FVP minimizes VM latency and provides storage performance that predictably scales with compute resources.

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Dell Data Protection | NetVault Backup

The success of your business depends on your ability to protect, access and leverage your mission-critical data on a daily basis and restore it quickly in the event of an unexpected data loss. 

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Nutanix Virtualization

Nutanix Acropolis is a turnkey infrastructure platform delivering enterprise-class storage, compute and virtualization services for any application. As a fully integrated IT solution, it eliminates the cost and complexity of legacy datacenter products that are individually deployed and separately managed.

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Symantec™ Advanced Threat Protection: Endpoint

Virtually all of today's advanced persistent threats leverage endpoint systems in order to infiltrate their target organizations, whether by exploiting vulnerabilities, through social engineering, via phishing websites, or some combination of all of these. 

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Symantec Data Center Security: Server 6.6

Symantec Data Center Security (DCS): Server 6.6 delivers agentless antimalware protection, agentless network IPS, and file reputation services for workloads running on VMware NSX and vShield/vCNS platform.

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